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Find Bangladeshi Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: Bangladesh is a country that is densely populated with different types of people who belong to different religions .Delhi is the capital of the country where a little girl named Jyoti was born to a well to do couple. She was not the only child of the couple and had two elder brothers who were studying in the best school of the city when she was born. In due course she was also enrolled with the same school.

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Dhaka Girls Whatsapp Numbers for Online Friendship

Name: Rifah

City: Dhaka Bangladesh

Relationship: Single

Email Address: Rifahmodergirl@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +880348810387

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Her teachers were surprised with her intelligent answers and told her parents that she was a genius and would excel in the field she was interested in. She did her twelfth grade with flying colors. Though her parents were rich and modern but when it came to the future of their daughters they wanted them to get married and settled in their own house as soon as they get a good proposal so when Jyoti passed her twelfth grade her parents married her off to the only son of a wealthy family.

Jyoti’s husband was a drunk and used to abuse her mentally and physically. For the first two years of her marriage Jyoti tried hard to make it work ,by that time she had given birth to a son who was one year old now.

Chittagong Girls Whatsapp Contact Numbers Online

Name: Kibria

City: Chittagong Bangladesh

Relationship: Yes

Email Address: Kmuzammil87ibria@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +880227393813

Whenever her husband came home drunk he used to beat her and one day when he hit the crying baby boy Jyoti decided to leave him. The very next morning when she was leaving for her father’s house her husband snatched the kid away from her and pushed her out of his house. She became so depressed that she lost her hair but with treatment she felt better. Jyoti summed up some courage and filed a custody case against her husband, she even filed a divorce case, after three months’ time she got a divorce and was awarded her son’s custody.

After that she studied hard and passed CSS .She is now serving as an 18th grade officer in custom department. She is enjoying her high post and her son is a bright student and will soon be appearing in his O levels exams.

Khulna Desi Girls Mobile Numbers List

Name: Safina

City: Khulna Bangladesh

Relationship: Secret

Email Address: Safinamudassar55@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +880230287278

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