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There are many people in the big country of Germany who support their women in whatever goals in life they want to pursue. One such family was the family of a young beautiful lady named Rakhi. Rakhi is the fourth child of a well to do family. Her two elder brothers were engineers and her elder sister just entered her medical college when Rakhi was busy preparing for her matriculation exams.

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Berlin Girls Whatsapp Online Phone Numbers

Name: Mia

City: Berlin

Relationship: Online

Whatsapp Number: +49593472390

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After her matriculation exams she planned to study journalism. When she talked about her future plans with her parents they were quite shocked with the field she wanted to enter as far as journalism is concerned they had no objection but when she told them that she wanted to be a crime journalist they received the shock of the lifetime.

In the very beginning they did not allow her to take the line but she convinced them successfully. She took admission to the best university of the city and was very bright student of a class who was liked by most of the students and the teachers.

Hamburg Girls Whatsapp Contact Number for Friendship

Name: Emma

City: Hamburg

Relationship: Online

Whatsapp Number: +49354658804

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Munich City Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers

Name: Marie

City: Munich

Relationship: Online

Whatsapp Number: +49242157314

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