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See Indian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: There was a young girl who lived in Rawalpindi and taught others the way of dealing with life in a positive way. Her name was Mona she was just 18 years old when she got married to a man who was eight years elder to her and was working as a driver for a diplomat living in Islamabad.

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Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Numbers for Friendship

Name: Pihu

City: Mumbai

Relationship: No

Email Address: pihudevrani45@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +91349200192

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Mona was a decent young girl who had done her matriculation with high first division. Life was running smoothly and she was blessed with twin sons when one day she heard something that turned her life upside down and that was the news of her husband’s death in an attack on the diplomat’s car by the activists and the biggest terrorist organization.

Delhi Girls Whatsapp Phone Numbers

Name: Kavya

City: Delhi

Relationship: Single

Email Address: Kavyaarora11@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +9153840832

As her husband was driving for a diplomat his family was awarded with a small quarter to live in and a chance for a family member of the deceased to work for the diplomat .Seeking the opportunity Mona applied for the job of a cook as she was an expert in Asian and Pakistan cooking and had a knack to learn anything new. She was much surprised to know that her application got accepted.

She started going to the diplomat’s house for kitchen management. As he was a European Mona tried to learn a lot of new recipes that were popular in Europe. She enrolled her son’s with the best private school of the city.

Kolkata Girls Whatsapp Numbers for Chat

Name: Trisha

City: Kolkata

Relationship: Engaged

Email Address: Trishabhagawan@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +9168329402

The guests who visited her employer were amazed to eat the delicious food cooked by Mona. Looking at the hard work and honest efforts the diplomat increased her pay and gave her more incentives. Time passed by and both her son’s had to leave for medical college as it was the dream of both of them to peruse their career as doctors.

Bengaluru Girls Online Whatsapp Mobile Numbers

Name: Vedhika

City: Bengaluru

Relationship: Single

Email Address: Vedhikakomal@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +91729490182

She earn enough to provide their mother with all the free time that she could enjoy and relax. Both her sons are now competent doctors but Mona has not left her job as she does not like sitting Idle.

Real Chennai Girls Whatsapp Numbers for Dating

Name: Lakshmi

City: Chennai

Relationship: Timepass

Email Address: Lakshmipadmawati@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +91583920123

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