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Indonesian Girls Whatsapp Numbers for online chatting: One of the best thing parents can do is to raise the kids in a way that they are able to make positive contribution to the society. A family of four were living in the busy city of Bristol. They had two well-mannered children a son and a lovely daughter named Nell. See also USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers and Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers online friendship.

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Name: Indah

City: Jakarta

Relationship: Single

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Nell was a very sensible young lady always busy doing one thing or the other. When she reached her sixth grade she told her parents that she wanted to be a doctor. Her parents belonged to a middle class family and could not afford the college that is required for studying medicine, but they did not tell this to their daughter and offered her their unconditional support through thick and thin.

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Name: Inten

City: Surabaya

Relationship: No

Email Address: Madisoncutegirl@gmail.com

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Though the parents did not tell her about their helplessness she was smart enough to understand the problems her parents have been facing since her birth. Nell was a very sensitive person and a superb writer so she started wring short stories for a kid’s magazine when she was in high school. She did not tell anybody about her work and started writing for different blogs and online websites for which she was rewarded well.

Bandung Girls Whatsapp Numbers for Call

Name: Jayachandra

City: Bandung

Relationship: No

Email Address: Madisoncutegirl@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +6233028372

She kept saving her income without letting anybody know about it. When the time came for her admission in a medical college her father offered her the money she needed for her admission but the smart lady knew that her father must have borrowed it or had taken a loan. Nell had secured 85% marks and the scholarship was awarded to those who secured at least 88%.

The medical university called those who applied for admission and interviewed all of them. They were really impressed by her thoughts and knowledge and awarded her with 50% scholarship. She managed to pay the 50% fee that was due and got admission to the medical college. She completed her studied in the due course and is now practicing in a well-known hospital of the city. She has earned enough to open her own private clinic and with support of her parent’s she established it and examines people free of cost.

Medan Girls Whatsapp Friendship Online

Name: Kemala

City: Medan

Relationship: No

Email Address: Madisoncutegirl@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +6243019382

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