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Find real and beautiful Malaysia Girls Whatsapp mobile numbers online. Her father provided her with unconditional support and she opened a shelter home in her father’s property that he had gifted for the homeless people as her daughter wished for it. Her education had helped her lot to send some of the elderly back home by counseling services that she provided to their families as well as the elderly father or mother.

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Name: Sophia

City: Kuala Lumpur

Relationship: Interested

Whatsapp Number: +60283293728

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Name: Alicia

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Malaysian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Ankita had a good job of psychiatrist at a private hospital but she used a major part of her pay to hire people to take care of the people living in the shelter home. Her whole family got inspired by her decisions and started visiting the shelter home as a volunteer.

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Malaysian Girls Whatsapp Numbers:Her father has a huge social circle that felt motivated and started donating huge amounts for the shelter home. There are so many unfortunate people in the society that the shelter home was full to its capacity so Ankita had to buy another house for the extension of the shelter home and she was fortunate enough to have the next door house that was for sale.

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Name: Damia

City: Johor Bahru

Relationship: Yes

Whatsapp Number: +60126273913

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Malaysian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Now she is running a successful shelter home.

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