20+ Russian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers List

Here top 20+ Russian Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers List. Russia is a country that is largely populated with the people who have a conservative mindset and don’t like change. They don’t want to change themselves neither do they let others change so easily.

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Capital Moscow Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers for Friendship

Name: Helin

City: Moscow

Relationship: Yes i want

Email Address: Helinjewelle22@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +7184903427

Shaina is the name of a young lady who was born to a middle class family living in the city of Mumbai Maharashtra. She used to live in a joint family system where all the family decisions were made with mutual understanding of the elders of the family. When Shaina did her matriculation her grandfather told her father to start looking for a good match for her as he wanted her to get married and quit her studies.

Shaina was a brilliant student who wanted to become a software engineer as she had deep interest in computer sciences. Shaina was very upset with the decision made by her elders ,she knew that the only way to continue her study was to talk to her grandfather and try to convince him.

Beautiful St Petersburg Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers

Name: Jalanea

City: St Petersburg

Relationship: No in now

Email Address: Jalanea@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +7780342810

Shaina prayed the whole night and then talked to her grandfather who was very disappointed with her grandsons as all of them very dull in studies and there were no chances of a better tomorrow for them. All the sons of the family were still dependent on their father, her grandfather saw a light of hope in Shaina’s eyes and permitted her to continue her studies. Shaina was very happy with her grandfather and promised him to never let him down.

Cool Novosibirsk Girls Phone Numbers for Contact

Name: Katrya

City: Novosibirsk

Relationship: only chat

Email Address: Katrya@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +7379231845

So she studied hard in her university and won a gold medal in software engineering. The government awarded her a scholarship to study in America for one year ,her father and grandfather both were overwhelmed with joy on her success so they gave her the permission to go to America on one condition and that was that her grandfather will be accompanying her to USA as he was against sending the daughters away from home.

She happily agreed to it and went to America ,after studying hard for one year both Shaina and her grandfather came back home. Her grandfather was so happy with her that he sold a piece of his agricultural land and gave Shaina the money to open a software house of her own.

Yekaterinburg Girls Whatsapp Numbers Online for Chat

Name: Liliya

City: Yekaterinburg

Relationship: Video calls

Email Address: Liliyaonline293@gmail.com

Whatsapp Number: +7172845183

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